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Michel-No.: Abbabis
Characteristic: expertized

Abbabis 31/10 04 - very clean severed spec. postmark in violet on fieldpost letter from a ..
Cover: 79,00€
Michel-No.: Abbabis Stempel
Abbabis 1904 - spec hand stamp one lined postmark 22/10 04 on field post letter sent to Swakopmund (..
Cover: 69,00€
Michel-No.: Allenstein Dt.Reich
Characteristic: certificate

late follower parcel card 1920 - 60 Pfennig Deutsches Reich Germania in a vertical pair used as late..
Cover: 149,00€
Michel-No.: Allenstein K 1, 19
Characteristic: certificate

Germania 1920 - letter card with three line overprint and 20 Pfennig with oval overprint, cancelled ..
Cover: 75,00€
Michel-No.: Allenstein P 2 Stemp
Characteristic: certificate

Germania 1920 - 15 Pfennig value mark with three line overprint on postcard and with 15 Pfennig oval..
Cover: 99,00€
Michel-No.: Aonagahara camp
Aonagahara camp 1918 - very rare ppc from camp with special mark from camp Aonagahara art exhibition..
Cover: 169,00€
Michel-No.: AP 43 II Bbd etc.
Characteristic: certificate

Petschili issues 1901 - Reich century postcard with 5 pfennig crown and steep overprint China as ext..
Cover: 950,00€
Michel-No.: AP 50 etc.
Characteristic: certificate

Petschili issue 1901 - very rare use of the 5 Pfennig Reichspost Germania as value stamp on postcard..
Cover: 549,00€
Michel-No.: AP 785 I
6 Pfennig postage stamp with blackening as single franking on company postcard, canceled with the ra..
Cover: 59,00€
Michel-No.: AP 785 I (2)
6 Pfennig postal stamp in a vertical pair as a very good multiple franking on envelope, canceled wit..
Cover: 199,00€
Michel-No.: AP 785 I (2)
6 pfennig postal stamp in a vertical pair with characteristic blackening from Sehma in a gray-black ..
Cover: 69,00€
Michel-No.: AP 789 I (4)
Rothenthal 5.7.45 - 15 Pfennig postal stamp with blackening in four copies as very good multiple fra..
Cover: 199,00€
Michel-No.: AP 795 I
40 pfennig postage stamp as single franking on postal order, canceled with the extremely rare postma..
Cover: 199,00€
Michel-No.: AP 827 I (2)
Niederfrohna 1 21.7.45 - 12 Pfennig postal stamp with blackening in a vertical pair as a good multip..
Cover: 129,00€
Michel-No.: AP 827 III
12 Pfennig postage stamp with blackening as single franking on cover with complete content, canceled..
Cover: 59,00€